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BLACK MOON RISING - Tales From the Pit (Rehearsals, live and radio 1998-2002)

"Metallized rock or rockish metal, it doesn't matter - this is some great music. Drawing influences from Misfits/Ramones punk rock, CCR/delta-swamp blues-rock, and old Black Sabbath, this is some rocking, sinister blues jamming GREAT music."

track listing

Curse of the Screaming Skull (Intro)

Built to Burn (Rehearsal Hell - 05/13/02)

Devils Highway (Rehearsal Hell - 04/01/02)

After Hours (Drunk and Disorderly Live - 2001)

After Hours (Rehearsal Hell - 04/01/02)

Chromatic Hell (Rehearsal Hell - 04/01/02)

Built to Burn (Rehearsal Hell - 04/01/02)

Raining Hell (Rehearsal Hell - 04/01/02)

Crazy Moon (Live 2001)*

69 West (Live Radio BAKA 2002)

BLACK MOON RISING - Transilvanian Blues

Three live shows from these masters of black-n-roll will get your head nodding and your fists pumping in no time. Gritty and raw but with great live in the studio sound for two gigs and a good house mix for the third.

track listing

Drunkleheit - Live on Radio Underground/WRHO (11-15-2002)



Beat on the Brat

The Hangman

Blitzkrieg Bop

The Scorpion King

I Wanna be Sedated

Raining Hell

After Hours

Built to Burn

Die Die my Darling

Devil's Highway

Rebel Hell

The Return of Drunkness and Evil - Live on Radio/WRHO Underground II (02-10-2003)


Poison Girl

The Hangman


Police Brutality (NYPD)

Teenagers from Mars

Hells Kitchen

Pain and Suffering/Nothing to Lose

Dawn of the Black Drunks - the Unreleased Live EP (04-24-2003)


Beat on the Brat

The Hangman

Idle Hands

I Wanna be Sedated

Crazy moon II

After Hours

The Campfire Drunks - Acoustic Jam (Date long forgotten...)


The Hangman (Acoustic Swing Mix)

Crazy Moon (Acoustic Sleep Mix)



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